Leaving No Bottle Uncorked

There are currently over 240 wineries in Virginia bottling both still and sparkling wines.  From the Little Washington Winery‘s George that they call ‘red wine on training wheels’ to Peaks of Otter‘s ghost pepper infused wine named Kiss the Devil , everyone can find something that suits their palate. You can download your full 2014 VA Wine Guide here.

VA Wine

Over the next few posts, I am going to share my experiences at the wineries I have visited. Hopefully this will inspire you to get out and taste!

I suggest that you start slow and visit the wineries closest to you. Next, you can try visiting all of the stops on a wine trail such as any of the Monticello Wine Trails.  Just make sure if you’re at a day long festival, Kiss the Devil last so that you don’t ruin your tastebuds. Speaking of festivals, The Virginia Wine Expo is February 18th-23rd!  Mark your calendars or visit mine!


2 thoughts on “Leaving No Bottle Uncorked

  1. Opinion on the value of aging wines for economic reasons. Does a good $15 bottle become a $20 bottle over three years while the price on that wine goes to $25. I

  2. There are some wines that get better with age and some wines that don’t. Cheap wines are meant to be bought and consumed on a short time scale. Typically, all sparkling and white wines should be in your wine cellar/house for less than a year. Red wines are those that are thought to get better with age. However, the only wines that will actually increase in value are those of a particularly popular winery or vintage. That’s the short answer! I guess I will have to do a post about aging to give you the full long winded answer!

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