CrossKeys Vineyard

Attending a Duck Hunting Themed event at Crossed Keys Vineyard

Attending a duck hunting themed event at CrossKeys Vineyard (yes, I know we got photobombed)

I’ve actually visited CrossKeys Vineyard twice. The first time, I attended JMU ADPi’s Mallard Ball and we had  reserved the patio. As an event space, CrossKeys is gorgeous day and night. The building itself makes an amazing backdrop. If that isn’t enough, when you visit CrossKeys you are surrounded by the picturesque vines and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  At night, you lose the view but the spacious patio is ambient under a lattice of Christmas lights.

If you are interested in their winemaking process, you can take the Grape to Glass Tour.  CrossKeys considers themselves a ‘farm winery’ meaning they grow not only their grapes but produce for their restaurant. The CrossKeys Bistro has a full menu including dips, sandwiches, and pizza. Every Friday, they host Wine and Tapas.

The second time, I had the opportunity to have the full tasting experience. At CrossKeys, you can really customize your tasting from full or classic to just white or just red. The tasting room at CrossKeys has all sorts of merchandise aimed at the new college aged wine drinker or middle aged wino.  In the winter, CrossKeys serves a warmed spiced wine.

Not all wineries have the ability to host indoor and outdoor events, maintain a tasting room and give tours.  The tasting was worth the trip.


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