Bluestone Vineyard

I definitely have a picture in my head of what a good winery looks and feels like.  In my head, the tasting room is large enough to accommodate both small and large groups. It is sophisticated and isn’t filled with wino chatchski.   The grounds are well kept and with a gorgeous view of the vine. The wine list is long enough to provide variety but short enough to know the winery hasn’t overstretched themselves providing quantity and not quality.  I love wine because it is such a versatile yet classy product.

My friend Lizzie and I in the Bluestone Vineyard Tasting Room. You can see their wine making facilities behind us!

My friend Lizzie and I in the Bluestone Vineyard Tasting Room. You can see their wine making facilities behind us!

When it comes to Bluestone Vineyard, I can’t help but question how they operate. I have a lot of respect for the marketing department at Bluestone Vineyard because  after looking at their website, I thought that the property was gorgeous. One cool thing about Bluestone Vineyard is that you can see their winemaking facilitates through windows in the tasting room. They are also dog friendly and don’t care if you meander through all the vine on their property.

The last weekend of every month in the colder months, Bluestone Vineyard does a cheese pairing event. I’m not sure how this works, considering Bluestone Vineyard’s tasting room could barely accommodate more than 8 guests between the size constraints and the few employees present.    In the summer, they host an event called Toast the Weekend which is held outside. The upside for this event is that they do have a bunch of picnic tables outside which negates the space issue. The downside is that the blue tables remind me of an elementary school field trip.

I think they tried to play up the fact that they are small a little too much. I’m an animal lover, but I have to say naming two wines after dogs is excessive. The employees at Bluestone Vineyard were very welcoming and nice. The girl that poured for us didn’t offer much in way of wine education but was very friendly. She said that they are small and have to buy most of their grapes to make the wine. I happen to not believe this is an impressive thing to share.

As for the wine, Bluestone offers 18 wines, it seems that they’ve taken a stab at everything. Some of the it was good, the moscato was fantastic, but all of it was way over priced. Thankfully, the crackers that Bluestone provided made the trip worthwhile.


One thought on “Bluestone Vineyard

  1. Sounds like a good stop on the wine tour through Va to see how they make the wine and have a taste cheese pairing event would have been fun

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