Pearmund Cellars

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Pearmund Cellars is another great example of a stellar winery experience. Wine Lovers Magazine named Pearmund Cellars the #1 winery overall in Virginia for 2013, and I can see why. The staff was friendly and inclusive. In their restroom, they have hung the bust head the pesky jackrabbit that they will jokingly tell you eats their vine.



I went with two girls I grew up with, who are pretty much my sisters, and our moms. We came in right near closing and had just missed a special Valentine’s Weekend tasting, but the staff was kind enough to share their leftover chocolate covered strawberries with us. Pairing the strawberries, one of my favorite desserts, with the Petit Verdot was to die for.

Jordan, Jocelyn , and myself in the barrel room.

Jordan, Jocelyn, and myself in the barrel room.

My group and I battled over whether we liked the Ameritage or the Ameritage Reserve better.  I happened to prefer the Ameritage. The Farm Use Red is only $10 bottle and is worth every penny.  It isn’t often that I think to myself that I can’t believe they aren’t charging more for this.  We ended up taking a bottle of the Merlot home, but I think that I might have to go back for more.

I love the Farm Use lables

I love the Farm Use labels

Pearmund seems to host a lot of special tastings and events.  Every weekend in January and February, they are having soup to accompany the wine.  I truly believe that visiting multiple wineries is one of the best ways to spend the day, and this winery has made that adventure easy. Pearmund Cellars has teamed up with Vint Hill Craft Winery and The Winery at Bull Run to create the Great Skedaddle: Wine on 29. In this skedaddle, you get a $20 punch card that enables you to have a tasting at each of the three wineries and to take home a souvenir wine glass from each.  Considering that a tasting at Peramund is $10 and doesn’t include the glass, this punch card is quite a steal.

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The tasting room is situated in a valley of vines. The driveway is a long rocky rustic winding drive through the vine which puts you in the wine tasting mood.  Pearmund’s slogan is “It’s about the wine” which was evident in every detail.


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