Prince Michel Vineyard

With new wineries opening in Virginia practically every day, our 2014 VA wine maps are almost obsolete. Wineries that have been around protect a piece of VA history.  Prince Michel Vineyard (pronounced like Michelle) celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2012.


It is easy to visit Prince Michel because it is located right on the beaten path along Rt. 29 between Madison and Culpeper. You can’t miss it because it has giant wind chime wine glasses out front. Unfortunately, since Prince Michel is located so close to a main road, sitting outside is only pleasurable if you like listening to cars drive by.

In addition to their own wine, Prince Michel’s tasting room is also home to Rapidan River wines. Though they have vine on the property, Prince Michel’s grapes come from multiple vineyards, including Mt Juliet Vineyard which is located outside Crozet, Ivy Creek Farm in Charlottesville, and Chatham Vineyards which is all the way out on the eastern shore of Virginia.


The facility is gorgeous and spacious with many nooks where wine lovers could sit and sip.  I loved the idea of having a glass of wine and playing chess or checkers. Prince Michel has a self guided tour above the winery and barrel cave which was kinda cool. It would probably be even cooler during normal business hours with people working.


Prince Michel offers a dry or a sweet tasting option. I would say that Prince Michel has developed to be more about the stuff than the wine, the gift shop consumes the entire building, Charming Charlie’s of wine with color and theme coordinated sections. If I could give an award to most adorable dump buckets, I’d have to give it to the ceramic owls at Prince Michel. They also had wine smoothies available which I did not try.

Prince Michel used to have a restaurant but it is now only used for catering and special events. Their First Sunday of the Month Brunch sounds like an event I need to add to my calendar! If their location isn’t convenient for you they participate in wine festivals all over VA.




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