Veritas Vineyard

Since the Trump Winery table was right next to Veritas Vineyards at the Monticello Wine Trail Festival and the owner came over to congratulate our win, I decided it was the logical next stop on my wine travels.


When you drive up to Veritas Vineyards, you are greeted by modern art and acres of vine. I absolutely loved the large wrap-around deck, and I’d actually rather sit there than in the tasting room. It reminds me of being at my friend’s beach house in Corolla, which is absolutely my favorite place on the planet.


The tasting room met all of my expectations. It was a perfect combination of spacious, with the tall ceilings, and cozy, with the velvet couches. The tasting glasses, which we got to keep,  read “In vino veritas,which is Latin for “In wine there is wisdom.” Our pourer, Brian, was definitely wise when it came to suggesting wine pairings. I only wish he could have offered more vegetarian ones, considering that I am not a carnivore.

I was very satisfied with their tasting list. I took home a bottle of the merlot, but I probably would have added their aperitif and cabernet franc to my collection if I wasn’t on a college budget.


Hanging in their tasting room is a giant LOVE made from corks and a sign outside suggesting that you take a picture with it. I’m not sure how one would manage to actually be in the picture, but I did snap a picture of it alone.


Their tasting room has windows that look down into the cellar, if you’re into that sort of thing. There is also a mezzanine that can host small events. I was surprised to hear that even with vine as far as the eye can see, only 80% of the grapes are estate grown.

When they are available I always like to offer alternatives, so if you can’t visit Veritas in person, they offer a virtual tour on their website.


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