I had the opportunity to try three STLTO wines. I got the bottles by UPS and immediately loved the labels. The silvery glittery or red stiletto pump was a perfect mix of feminine and classy. It is clear who STLTO is marking to. But it also speaks to who is behind the brand. STLTO  is an all-woman run operation from vine to bottle.

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My initial reaction to each of my three taste tests was that that brand matched the label. Each wine was flirty, feminine, young, fun, and very drinkable. All the wines are off dry making them a very nice middle ground between cheap sugared grape juice options and dry expensive option.



Bubbly but not overly effervescent. Drinkable. Slightly drier than semi sweet. But definitely a girls night drink.  Yummy and does the trick. I have a high wine tolerance but I was ready to tipsy dial the boyfriend after a glass and a half. The abv is 11% but it might be the bubbles that helped get me there.



Approachable young not complex not sweet red but no cotton ball dryness. If there’s one thing I’ve been told when I go wine tasting, it is that I am a select breed of 21 year olds who enjoys super dry medium to full bodied reds. This particular wine allows the drinker to drink a classy and yummy merlot.


Pinot Grigio

I happen to love Pinot Grigio.  The tasting notes for this wine are extremely apparent. It presents with an enjoyable honey sweetness with hints of apricot and orange blossom flavors. It had a clean finish and out of the three wines, this was my favorite.

All in all, I enjoyed the wine, I loved the label and the slogan: “Always a perfect fit”. I would certainly suggest this for a ladies night or a gift for a fashionista/wine lover (I’m sure all ladies have this combo friend).  I hope you will consider this the next time you’re in the wine aisle! Let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

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