Barboursville Vineyards

Vineyards are famous for their gorgeous rolling landscapes with seas of vines. The only vista that rivals a vineyard in with full greenery before harvest is a snow-covered vineyard wonderland in winter.


The Barboursville  Vineyard’s Tasting Room is spacious and cozy simultaneously where high ceilings meet tables for four and comfy armchairs by the fireplace. However, you’re required to pay for your tasting before they’ll even give you a glass. There’s nothing more awkward, less welcoming, and less incentivizing to make additional purchases than asking guests to fork over a credit card when you cross the threshold.

After Uncle Frank took a little extra time to show me around the barrel cave and steel tank room. He mentioned how the spaces had evolved over the years to cater to larger winemaking facilities and less towards the event industry. In Virginia, vineyards are becoming destination wedding venues but Barboursville is priced to discourage a plethora of weddings.


Over a hundred acres of vines and an italian winemaker equals over 500,000 cases of wine a year. This is large production for Virginia and it allows them to make many different blends. Their normal tasting is an extensive 17 wines. I happen to believe that 17 wines is excessive tasting because they start tasting the same after half a dozen or so. As an economist I’m not complaining. If I was a conservative drinker for $7 I could have elected to skip a few and still gotten my money’s worth.

Of the wines I had the pleasure of tasting, I found them all enjoyable and drinkable. I took home their Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The bottles of wines on the regular tasting are all surprisingly affordable. Their Reserve Tastings are quite pricey at $20 for the maximum of 6 additional wines. However, for reserve tastings, you’re escorted to a less crowded room called “The Library” where food platters are available for purchase from the adjoining restaurant.



I am certainly going to Palladio for my birthday or the next big occasion. (I have already submitted this formal request to my dad.)




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