Pippin Hill Farm


Pippin Hill is one of the wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail that remains open in all seasons. It is lucky for wine lovers like me who enjoy wineries in the slow season. I like to take my time on each tasting and I am much more likely to walk away with a few bottles than the average 22 year old. I big portion of my disposable income goes towards my growing wine collection…I mean saving for the down payment on a house. (Sorry Dad! Thanks for the plane ticket to Napa Valley!!!)


However, it baffles my mind that a tasting of only 4 wines would make any customer happy. Their website lists Tastings as $7 but does not list the quantity of wines available. The staff member informed us that the rest of their wines had sold out in the summer. This creates a major supply-demand issue. It will be a few more months until the 2014 vintages are released. If you are planning on visiting Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard, as I have been for MONTHS, you might want to wait until May or after.

FullSizeRender (5)

Pippin Hill also offers a Farm-to-Table restaurant. I’d love to try the food some day but since I’d just had brunch when we visited, it’ll have to wait. The menu is somewhat pricey but the items on it make me drool a little. I sincerely regret not taking a Petit Verdot Cupcake to go. I also learned that their wine Red Pump is named after their sister restaurant on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville called Red Pump Kitchen.


The staff member let us peak around in the grooms loft, the bridal loft, and the wedding venue. I can never tell if this was in-industry special treatment or if everyone who asks is allowed to snoop around. I can see why this space is so popular. It’s rustic chic and gorgeous for pictures. (Unless you look up to see the HVAC system in the rafters, but that is where I will stop my nit picking.)

FullSizeRender (6)

For most vineyards, their outside bar or seating area is unusable in the winter months. At Pippin Hill, they have green housed in their patio in plastic with heaters. We were wary to go out there and were skeptical of how warm it would be. It was actually delightfully too warm. We would have loved to sit and enjoy a glass or bottle…if anything on the short wine list had agreed with our palate.

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