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Oxe Eye Winery


There’s something to be said about being unique, urban, and chic, and Ox-Eye Winery was a perfect blend of these. The tasting room is separate from the actual vineyard, which is both a bold move and smart choice. Ox-Eye Winery is located in downtown Staunton in an airy shop, which feels like a hip mix of a winery and an art gallery. While you’re enjoying your wine, you can people watch or check out the gorgeous artwork.  There’s a small event space above the tasting room which can be used for small gatherings, like a rehearsal dinner.

The winery gets its name from the ox-eye daisies that grow wild on the vineyard property.  The actual vineyard has about 23 acres under vine and is located 8 miles from the downtown store.  All of the wine is made from estate-grown grapes. Even with a relatively small vineyard, Ox Eye sells about 25% of their grape harvest to other Virginia wineries.

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