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#VaWineChat – Trump Winery


Mark your calendars! Virginia Wine Chat will be at Trump Winery on December 11th!

Virginia Wine Chat — A monthly virtual gathering to discuss the wines, winemakers, wineries and regions of Virginia. (For reference — original article announcing Virginia Wine Chat.)

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Virginia Wine Expo

Wine Expos and festivals are the perfect event to get the most sip for your buck.  You pay for the ticket and get to sample as much wine as you can at no additional cost. Events like these bring you wine that isn’t local to you and give you the opportunity to compare wine side by side. Though this might sound like something you can do at a friend’s house on Friday night, expos and festivals give you the chance to interact with vineyard employees and learn a little. Attending tasting events like these also saves you from bottle buyer’s remorse. If you don’t like it there’s never a dump bucket too far out of reach and if you do like it, all sales are handled by that nice gentleman with the ipad.

This past weekend, the VA Wine Expo was held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in conjunction with the Love Rox Half Marathon.   At the event, there were 52 wineries offering tastings including James River Wine Cellars, Keswick Vineyard,  and Grace Estates Winery.  After being able to taste a wide variety of wine at the different booths, I’m beginning to believe Cab Franc is my favorite grape because it’s what most of the red wine I like has in common.  Plus, the Cab Franc grape has an assortment of uses from blush to red blend to straight up.

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Trump Winery

I might be a little biased, but I love Trump Winery.  The tasting room is gorgeous and spacious. There obviously built it to cater to any sized group.  In warm weather, you can have your tasting inside or out on the patio. From the patio, you can see the vine. Though it isn’t close to you, the view is worthy of a post card. 

 Trump has both sparkling and still wine.The tasting glass you get to take home is the size and shape of a normal wine glass which means it’s actually usable and you’re not taking home an odd shaped glass for your collection. This is a blessing that anyone who visits a lot wineries or attends wine festivals will understand.  I can’t even tell you the number of useless tiny awkward shaped glasses I’ve acquired. My roommate said she was going to disown me if I bought home anymore glassware. (However, this was 3 wine glasses and 6 pint glasses ago.)

Artisanal Cheese Plate to go alone with our tasting.

Artisanal Cheese Plate to go along with our tasting.

Trump Winery has a full menu including artisan pizzas, crab cakes, and more. The last time I went, I had a pizza. The menu changes but I have never been less than extremely well fed. I had the cheese plate when I went with my mom and again when I went with some friends.

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