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Molon Lave Vineyard

Fine jewelry and fine wine are two of a girl’s best friends. The family that has opened Molon Lave Vineyards offers both gorgeous gems at Louizos Goldsmiths and wine in a gorgeous setting. The vineyard is located in Warrenton, VA but is much closer to Bealeton. The family planted the vines 12 years ago and opened their Tasting Room about 5 years ago.

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The Tasting Room is is clean, large and is it is completely made of tile and stone . This means if you are unfortunate enough to be there when another guest decides to bring his guitar it isn’t a pleasant cozy winery experience. However, the wine is tasty and interestingly priced (ranging from $24-$32 for the wine and $40 for the aperitif).

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Barboursville Vineyards

Vineyards are famous for their gorgeous rolling landscapes with seas of vines. The only vista that rivals a vineyard in with full greenery before harvest is a snow-covered vineyard wonderland in winter.


The Barboursville  Vineyard’s Tasting Room is spacious and cozy simultaneously where high ceilings meet tables for four and comfy armchairs by the fireplace. However, you’re required to pay for your tasting before they’ll even give you a glass. There’s nothing more awkward, less welcoming, and less incentivizing to make additional purchases than asking guests to fork over a credit card when you cross the threshold.

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#VaWineChat – Trump Winery


Mark your calendars! Virginia Wine Chat will be at Trump Winery on December 11th!

Virginia Wine Chat — A monthly virtual gathering to discuss the wines, winemakers, wineries and regions of Virginia. (For reference — original article announcing Virginia Wine Chat.)

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Oxe Eye Winery


There’s something to be said about being unique, urban, and chic, and Ox-Eye Winery was a perfect blend of these. The tasting room is separate from the actual vineyard, which is both a bold move and smart choice. Ox-Eye Winery is located in downtown Staunton in an airy shop, which feels like a hip mix of a winery and an art gallery. While you’re enjoying your wine, you can people watch or check out the gorgeous artwork.  There’s a small event space above the tasting room which can be used for small gatherings, like a rehearsal dinner.

The winery gets its name from the ox-eye daisies that grow wild on the vineyard property.  The actual vineyard has about 23 acres under vine and is located 8 miles from the downtown store.  All of the wine is made from estate-grown grapes. Even with a relatively small vineyard, Ox Eye sells about 25% of their grape harvest to other Virginia wineries.

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